Our Services

Powerful Branding and Logo

Beat the competition and stand out from the crowd with an enchanting and powerful school brand designed for quick recognition, attraction and affinity.

Exceptional Website Design

We design highly functional, visually appealing and intuitive websites that leave visitors with great impression of the school.

Captivating Video and Extraordinary Photography

Great photography breathes life into your unique features, environments and activities. It also holds the power to capture the minds of parents and influence their decision-making. With our experience and array of expert photographers specializing in bringing out the best in schools through images and videos, you can trust us to communicate your distinctive qualities beautifully and effectively.

Expert Online Marketing

We believe that every school has a unique story to tell. We will collaborate with you to distill the essence of your school into a compelling and captivating story and ensure it reaches the right people at the right time and in the right moments, leveraging our expertise of the online media space.

Effective Newsletter

A newsletter delivered directly to the mailboxes of parents is a powerful and cost-effective means of sustaining engagement with parents and satisfying their curiosity on happenings at your school with well-curated and up-to-date information.

Our collection of appealing templates and experience in curating content in ways that will evoke feelings of excitement and goodwill are guaranteed to help you school grow.

Engaging Social Media strategy

Social media is a powerful and flexible platform that offers your school direct access to millions of parents with educational needs you can satisfy. However, to set your school apart from the crowd and get your message across to the right people, you need a creative strategy designed for engagement and growth.

Without a good strategy, your school is likely to drown in the mighty ocean that is social media. This doesn’t have to happen. We have the lifeboat you need.

Authentic Social Media Content Development

Communicating like every other school is a sure way of NOT being noticed. We have the experience and expertise to help you generate smart, exciting and original content that will engage your audience, advertise your school’s unique offerings, build a great reputation and project the values and successes of the school.