About Us

EduPro is Nigeria’s foremost specialist educational marketing communication agency leveraging creativity, research, media and technology tools and platforms to drive school growth.

We are focused on the development and execution of communications strategies for educational institutions drawing expertise and experience in strategic communications, creative design, public relations, technology, strategic media projection, internal and external communication systems, digital media, and branding with the central aim of propelling passion and investment of proprietors, school-owners, and investors in the sector into a profitable venture.

What We Do

The job of a school is to educate; our job is to take the school’s message to where it matters.

We help educational institutions increase their opportunities for growth by creating communication that builds deep and fond ties with their key stakeholders. Through the development and execution of insight-led marketing communications strategies and tactics, we help them communicate clearly, attractively, consistently and effectively with their various audiences. We believe that these steps will help the institutions and organizations connect with their audiences, build likability and affinity, improve their reputation and appeal in the eyes of their stakeholders through careful perception management and projection of their school’s positive attributes and values.

For over a decade, we have developed a complete understanding of the art of communication which we channel into the production of communication materials and tools such as outstanding branding, prospectuses, logos, websites, photography, videos, social media page optimization and more for schools to showcase their unique and remarkable qualities to parents and other important stakeholders using media and technology and simple, but engaging, interactive content that captures hearts, minds and stir responses targeted at increasing enrolment, retention of pupils/students, and even recommendation of your school to others by parents!